Dear Kyalami Schools Community

Thank you to the parents who filled out the Return to School for Pupils survey that was sent out last week. The document certainly has aided us in our planning. In this letter, I will discuss the results of the survey in broad terms and outline the plan that we will follow from the 1st of June 2020.

We are about to enter a very unusual and difficult time while we navigate half-open schools and simultaneously cater to those pupils and staff who are unable to return to school, for whatever reason. We are committed to following the Government guidelines with regards to preventing the spread of COVID-19,
keeping the safety of our pupils and our staff as our top priority. We will act responsibly in our return to campus life, cognizant that for many in our community, we are a necessary element in their ability to return to work.

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Dear Kyalami Schools Community

Re-opening of Schools

We were due to hear from the Minister of Basic Education on Thursday 14 May 2020 regarding the planned reopening of schools. The briefing has been moved and will now take place on Monday 18 May 2020. It is important to remember that even though we are an independent group of schools, we still have to wait for the Government to declare, and then gazette an opening date for schools before we will be able to act. As soon as we know which grades we are legally allowed to open, we will plan for this and communicate this plan to you. The dates and grades being circulated relate only to the reopening of Government schools, and we remain hopeful that independent schools will be allowed to follow a self-regulated course of action.

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Dear Parents

We are a week into our official April school holidays already and planning for the start of the second academic term is well underway. While we wait for a directive from the Department of Basic Education, we consider it unlikely that all grades will return to school simultaneously at the beginning of May 2020. We are therefore planning for a scenario where we continue to teach remotely in the short term as well as preparing for our pupils to return to school should it happen. It may well be that we end up with a hybrid of these 2 models and so we are planning for that possibility too.

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